Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pince-nez in the News

Remember Madame X, the pince-nez wearer featured in our September 2013 post?  She was kind enough to send the following message to the Renaissance:

"Just wanted to share a few pince-nez links I stumbled across recently.

First,if you're willing to travel to the Czech Republic for fittings and have a spare couple thousand euros to spend, a place that does custom made, modern mountings in gold apparently exists:  Tomáš Říha.  They're so gorgeous that even though they're unaffordable, the gallery is certainly worth gazing at.

Second, for laughs and a look at pince nez in action in film see the Big Sleep.  She looks amazing in them - large lenses and all; too bad Bogie has to go ahead and ruin it. Oh well; goes to show you, even with minimal eyewear, Parker's adage holds true (at least in fiction)."

Thank you for your input!


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