Monday, June 10, 2013

Pince-Nez in Greece

Pince-nez is alive and well in Greece, due in part to the efforts of Alexander.  He sent the Renaissance a thoughtful email over the weekend and discussed his positive experience with pince-nez.  Alexander describes himself as a thirty-six year old Athenian who is a published author/poet and art historian. As you can see, he wears the flexible guard style quite comfortably.

Alexander has a nice collection of flexible guard pince-nez and one Oxford as seen below. While the Oxford is rather heavy to wear, he does get a lot of wear from the flexible guard at home, teaching and leisurely walks.  This type of pince-nez is not as stable on the nose as hoop springs or fingerpiece varieties, therefore not recommended for full-time use.

Readers are encouraged to submit their stories and/or photos for posting on this website.  We depend on your input.  Many thanks to Alexander for his story and pictures.


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