Friday, March 16, 2012

Hyde Park, FDR and Pince-Nez Myth

The Entering Hyde Park sign has a wonderful caricature of FDR redolent of one of his classic poses: the jutting jaw, cigarette holder and his trademark rimless hoop spring pince-nez.

There are countless myths surrounding FDR. The most persistent one being that he wore a pince-nez to copy his distant cousin Theodore. FDR began wearing a rimless hoop spring pince-nez around 1901 while a Harvard student. He was not copying anyone, merely opting to be stylish and up to date with current fashion trends of the era.

The Roosevelt estate at Hyde Park, New York is a National Park and well worth a day's visit. When Roosevelt spoke of returning home to Hyde Park, he meant the town of Hyde Park, his estate was called Springwood.


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