Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Word on Glass Lenses

We at the Renaissance continue to receive emails regarding glass lenses for pince-nez despite the fact that the subject has been covered extensively in previous posts. Modern glass lenses in the US, by Federal Law (circa 1974), must be made of tempered glass which is shatterproof. It can't be drilled for use in rimless pince-nez. Safety glass is also quite heavy and as far as we know, fairly thick. If we're wrong about this, please let us know (via comment section).

We received a thoughtful email from an optician in the UK who has invented a detailed, lengthy process for drilling safety glass lenses to make them suitable for rimless eyeglasses (pince-nez) and spectacles. While we appreciate his inventiveness, the thickness and weight of these lenses would tend to make the pince-nez both uncomfortable and unsteady on the bridge of the nose.


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