Sunday, September 25, 2011

Proper Pince-Nez Fit

Depth of the Nose Bridge is as Important as the Width

[article submitted by Richard Johnson]

There have been a number of emails recently concerning proper pince-nez fit. The Renaissance has covered these issues previously in great detail.

Many of our readers have expressed concern about figures (i.e., measurements in mm) quoted on eBAY and elsewhere regarding bridge width. Alas, these numbers are generally useless and are quoted by those who lack real experience in fitting a pince-nez with success.

An important fact is often overlooked: nose bridge depth. The fact that an individual also needs some depth to the nose bridge for the pince-nez nose guard grips to attach on to it securely. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who may lack the amount of nose bridge flesh to be able to wear a pince-nez which will remain in place.


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