Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pince-Nez for a Job Interview?

It worked for me. I interviewed for my current job about six months ago and wore my pince-nez to every interview with them. At left is a photo from the day of one of the interviews. Did anyone notice them? Not until I discussed this eyewear as one of my hobbies.

On my other blog, LeDandy (of Northern California), I suggested in one post that readers consider bold attire for job interviews. However, I conceded that wearing pince-nez may be a bit too much even for me. Well, I broke my own rule.

The job market is horrible these days and it will probably get worse before it improves. Competition is unbelievable. You need to set yourself apart from the crowd and make a strong impression.

Will prospective employers object to this eyewear and draw unfavorable conclusions about you from it? Some will. Others won't. There are many factors to consider. The choice is up to you.

Oh yes, I broke another unwritten rule about neckwear for interviews. LeDandy wears only bow ties.


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