Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adam's Story

[in his own words]
I can no longer remember what first drew me to the pince-nez. Being from Chicago, I've always admired the former Presidents Roosevelt and what they did for America. I think it was from their Wikipedia articles that I had discovered the name of their particular style of glasses. Occasionally, I would get the idea in my head to try and find a mounting, but always with little to no luck – after all, they are no longer made.

The past few years I have been living in Scotland for school and am quickly approaching the beginning of my last year. I study veterinary medicine at the Royal Dick, which means our last year is spent in the hospital doing our rotations: a professional work environment. Suddenly, the need to wear a shirt and tie means overhauling my wardrobe, which then meant reexamining how I present myself. As a life-long wearer of spectacles, this seemed like the perfect time to take the plunge and really try to find a pince-nez mounting for myself.

Eventually I found the Renaissance, which ended up being a great resource. Both Alan and Richard were incredibly helpful when answering my questions – whether they were about lenses or styles. With time, I managed to track down a few mountings that roughly fit me. After getting my eyes examined, a company based in the US made my lenses for me... and then it seemed that everything went wrong.

My first mounting broke on me during adjustments, which was tragic considering its quality. Thankfully I had the second mounting, which lasted for about two weeks when one of the springs failed on me. Turns out that once a pince-nez mounting breaks in almost any fashion, it's irreparable. And all my waiting to see if someone could fix the mountings would end up being a waste of time. So then, it was back to eBay.

Through perseverance I eventually got my hands on a few more mountings. The current fingerpiece I have been using has been with me for about three months now with no issues. With luck and care, I hope it will last. Plus, it's great hearing all the compliments I receive.


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