Friday, May 6, 2011

Buying on eBay

The Pince-Nez Renaissance has stated many times that eBay is by far the best place to shop for a high quality antique pince-nez at a reasonable price. That prospective buyers have been warned repeatedly to use care and caution while shopping is just plain common sense.

While the majority of sellers know nothing about pince-nez, a sharp, detailed group of close-up photos can speak volumes as to condition of the pince-nez or any item. If the photo(s) is not detailed, or the condition of the object is lacking or sketchy, one should contact the seller via eBAY and ask questions. A good seller will respond in a timely manner to your concerns. If no response is received, your choice is simple: don't bid!

My ever vigilant Renaissance partner was surfing eBAY under the term a"antique eyeglasses" and noticed a group of what was described as a twenty plus set of new old stock (nos) glasses nose bridges. The tiny photo showed them in a fingerpiece trial set box.. There was no way to tell if the bridges were rimless eyeglasses (pince-nez) or spectacle bridges. Efforts to enlarge the photo didn't offer any clues. Mr. Johnson attempted to contact the seller via eBAY on the day item was listed for more details. There was no response. The item sold with one bid for $39.95. This would have been the bargain of the century if the mountings were rimless pince-nez. Again, caveat emptor! No answer to the prospective buyers means no bid. The sole bid was no doubt from a savvy optician who will sell the mountings for $100 each.


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