Friday, April 8, 2011

The Zyl Hoop Spring: Rimmed or Rimless?

Zyl rimmed fingerpiece and hoopspring pince-nez became very popular from about 1915 to the early 1920's. If you look closely at the photos you'll notice the "straps" and lens screws of a typical rimless pince-nez. If one were to purchase one of the same design and wanted to have it re-lensed, it would have to be fitted with rimless lenses because the zyl would crack and break due to age and dryness. Note also the closeup showing the screw holding the strap and bridge spring. Quality. The wonderful flat, thin sanitary type nose guards are easy to adjust and silicone nose pads can easily be applied for increased comfort and security. This is a great example of a fine quality pince-nez with an elegant yet minimalistic appearance guaranteed to enhance ones looks!

[LeDandy's note: My colleague provided this post. I would add that only an advanced user of pince-nez experiment with this style. ]


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