Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hoop Spring or Fingerpiece?

The advantages and disadvantages of both a fingerpiece and a hoop spring pince-nez have been previously noted in great detail on this site. Some of our readers who desire to wear a pince-nez and, after studying the Renaissance, are still having trouble making a choice.

Here is a simple solution based solely on the length of one's nose. If your nose is short, a classic saddle bridge fingerpiece will make the nose appear shorter. A classic C bridge hoop spring, with its high curved arch, will serve to make the nose appear longer. Conversely, if one thinks his/her nose is too long the saddle bridge fingerpiece pince-nez wil decrease the appearance of length.

Naturally, we at the Renaissance advocate that a serious full-time pince-nez wearer should get both the fingerpiece and a hoop spring, then alternate wearing each one!


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