Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adam's Pince-Nez

Adam is an American veterinary student doing a year of study in Scotland. A full-time spectacles wearer, he has been interested in wearing a classic rimless fingerpiece pince-nez. Despite long delays he was finally able to obtain a pince-nez which was a perfect fit. He also had thin polycarb prescription lenses which were just the right size and shape. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks his pince-nez suffered a broken spring and they cannot be repaired.

Adam, while discouraged, is not about to give up on wearing a rimless fingerpiece pince-nez. He is obtaining a few mountings in fine condition and will have his lenses fitted to the best one. We will keep our readers posted on his progress and eventual success. Luckily opticians in Scotland are more willing to spend quality time and effort with their clients.


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