Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contemporary Pince-Nez Mountings?

Several Renaissance readers have written to us as they are reluctant to obtain an antique pince-nez mounting, even "new old stock" or one in near mint condition. These readers insist on a mounting which has been recently made. As we have stated many times, these pince-nez do not work for full-time wear and are not worthy of re-lensing. The reason is simple: these manufacturers have not bothered to investigate the reasons how and why the classic pince-nez were so successful and popular. Clearly, many manufacturers haven't even looked at old photos. This modern pince-nez has nothing slightly resembling the quality nose guards of the past. The frames pictured below are an abomination from a pince-nez perspective.

If you recall, there was a Renaissance post showing a page from a Sears catalog dated 1908. The price of a pince-nez was $1.25. One may believe that these pince-nez were cheap items from the past given the current value of $1.25. Please keep in mind that back in 1908 a highly skilled workman would make about $5 a week. These glasses were not cheap items.


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