Saturday, February 26, 2011

Profiles in Style

My good friend Ted recently sent me a few pictures of himself at a conference in Washington, DC. Ted and I are true brothers when it comes to style as we both favor the bow tie and pince-nez. In fact, these items are our sartorial staples. The important fact is that both Ted and I feel very comfortable with our eyewear and necktie choices. In being comfortable, we can be our best when it comes to the substantive details of our engagements for which we are dressed.

What initially attracted me to pince-nez was how it looked on the face when viewed from the side. I can't describe the reasons behind my opinion but I find the look to be quite flattering. Below is a good profile picture of Ted. Very distinguished!

I really like the photo below. The camelhair jacket reminds me of my LaJolla businessman look in that both Ted and I stand out from the crowd in our respective pictures. That is why I kept the background in the image below. In a sea of navy and grey suits, Ted stands out in a proper and dignified manner.

My thanks to Ted and his friend Mike for submitting these pictures.

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