Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vintage Pince-Nez Ads

My colleague was kind enough to send me a fantastic book entitled "Advertising in the Retail Optical Business" printed in 1912 by the Page Publishing Company. It was a different world back then. No tv advertising and celebrities were not the main attraction in advertisements. The products actually had to stand on their own merits.

Shown below is sample ad copy from the book. The introduction to this section in the book reads as follows:

The advertisements in this collection are intended to serve as examples of what may conservatively be considered "profitable copy." Each advertisement is not necessarily complete as an announcement to be used continuously, but when used in a series with others printed in the collection, in line with a carefully laid out campaign, will surely bring the desired results under other equally favorable conditions.

Click on each image for a full screen display. You may have to double click for the largest image. These images are printed without permission of the publisher. The copyright has long since expired. Nevertheless, the Renaissance thanks the Page Publishing Company.

pince nez ad advertisement vintage

pince nez ad advertisement vintage

pince nez ad advertisement vintage


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