Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rectangular Lenses: Yes!

The Renaissance was thrilled yesterday to receive an email with photos from a reader who wears pince-nez with rectangular lenses. Ok, they are not true rectangular lenses but in the shape of a trapezoid. This is an unconventional shape for pince-nez. However, as you can clearly see, it works wonderfully for Dan. The great aspect of pince-nez is that this eyewear allows you to express yourself in so many ways while retaining a minimalist approach. This eyewear, when worn properly, enhances one's appearance.

Dan's email to the Renaissance was quite eloquent so I'll let him speak for himself in regard to his pince-nez. The following text is his email to the Renaissance [reprinted with permission]:

My name is Dan and I have probably the only pince-nez in the world that don't have round lenses. I actually have two pair, one for clear lenses, and one for sunglasses, and they are prescription.

The gold frames that are on the sunglasses I found on Etsy, and the silver frames that on the regular glasses are actually the Morpheus glasses from the movie The Matrix. Though the frames were supposed to be the other way around, with the gold on the clear lenses and the silver with the sunglasses, I actually like the gold with the dark lenses. I went with the rectangular lenses so as to avoid everyone instantly thinking I was trying to be like Morpheus from The Matrix.

It took several weeks to actually find a place that would do the drill mounted lenses due to risk of breaking the lenses; which the place that did do it, did break two lenses during the build.

They are absolutely wonderful, and everyone I talk to does a double take when they see that there are no ear pieces. They are great, except when headbanging to heavy rock music, when the fell off and I accidently stepped on them, scratching one lens and flattening the nose piece. I was at a Renaissance Faire in Fresno, CA (after hours party), and in the morning was able to find a jeweler and reshaped the nose piece, and survived the next few days with a horribly scratched lens, but was able to get it replaced.

This is my story of my pince-nez, and I love them.

Thank you Dan for the great story. Readers should consider the use of silicone nose pads for superior comfort and security with their mountings. As a final note, we suggest that first-time pince-nez wearers use the classic oval lens shape and size.


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