Saturday, January 1, 2011

Modern Pince-Nez Lenses: Wipe or Wash?

If you wear a pince-nez with moden prescription lenses you have discovered the many benefits of polycarb, hi-index or other plastic material. The one negative aspect is that it is quite easy to scratch them. Use care when cleaning your lenses. My colleague has related from long experience that he never wipes his pince-nez but always runs warm water on both sides of it before applying mild liquid dishwashing soap to clean the lenses. This can can be combined with Windex and a gentle rubbing followed by a thorough rinsing. Dry the lenses and mounting/frame with either a soft, clean all-cotton cloth or special lens cloth (given out by opticians with eyeglasses). Wiping your pince-nez with a tissue or paper towel when it is dry can easily scratch the lenses if there is any grit on them.

If you have to rub your eye(s), it is a good idea to remove your pince-nez first. My colleague mentioned the "mystery" of a scratched lens was uncovered when he realized a fingernail caused the damage when he rubbed his eye while wearing pince-nez.

Using care when washing your pince-nez will prolong the life of your lenses and your beautiful pince-nez will sparkle!


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