Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Rectangular Pince-Nez Wearer

Yes, another enthusiast of the rectangular lens shape with pince-nez. The Renaissance recently received a photo and brief story from Mark. The following is Mark's statement.

"I am, in general, a fan of the esoteric, and of early 20th century design, and a glasses wearer since around 9. So getting set up with some nez pince was really just a matter of time. Add to that an upcoming wedding that, while not necessarily themed, had inclinations of that periods aesthetic, and I decided it was time."

The rectangular lenses can work for some people. However, the Renaissance strongly urges newcomers to pince-nez to get the classic oval lenses which are suitable for most facial types. Please see the table of contents for more information.

Thank you Mark for your story and photo.


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