Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doing It Right: Mary and Her Pince-Nez

Last week I received a great email from Mary who is new to the world of pince-nez. Shown above she is modeling her rimless fingerpiece which she just loves. And she should as it looks wonderful on her! She also had another fingerpiece mounted with prescription sunglass lenses.

Mary is a role model for those who want to get started with pince-nez. From her story, I want to point out the steps she took in getting her glasses.

  • Mary went on eBay and purchased a number of pince-nez mountings. She bought five hoop springs and four fingerpiece mountings. This variety helps immensely in determining the proper size and preference in style.
  • She bought an assortment of silicone nose pads and tried on the pince-nez with the pads. These pads are essential for comfort and security.
  • She had her optician copy the dimensions of the original pince-nez lenses for her regular glasses above. Most opticians incorrectly steer customers towards lenses which are too large for pince-nez. Mary stuck to the classic dimensions above. For sunglasses below, she opted for larger lenses.

So what stimulated Mary's interest in pince-nez? She ran across this eyewear during her study of clothing worn during the Civil War era.

Welcome to the world of pince-nez and congratulations on taking the proper steps.


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