Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Pince-Nez Sphinx?

I admit, this blog has more than its share of FDR references. But then his hoop springs in old photos and newsreels started my own personal pince-nez path. He was one hell of a president and far superior to anything we've had since his last term in 1944.

The pince-nez sphinx is definitely one of the more interesting items in the FDR Library. It is a seven feet tall papier-mache sculpture that was presented to FDR at the 1939 Gridiron Dinner in Washington.

What is the meaning of the sphinx? In 1939 FDR had already served two terms as president. There was much speculation as to whether or not he would seek a third term. FDR kept his plans to himself, not announcing his intentions for some time.


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