Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kelley's New (Old Stock) Pince-Nez

Last month the Renaissance put up a post featuring Kelley wearing a fingerpiece. She recently had prescription lenses made for this beautiful mounting. The process of having lenses made for pince-nez can be quite trying, hence the number of warnings we give the reader when embarking on this eyewear. Kelley had her tribulations in this process but in the end it was well worth the effort.

What were some of the difficulties? As I've experienced, many opticians are reluctant or downright refuse to work on pince-nez. Kelley's optician sent her to a local jeweler to remove the old lenses from the mounting and install the new ones. Also, her new lenses appeared slightly larger than the original pair. The optical store said they threw out her old lenses when she wanted to compare the lenses

Finding a good optician is one of the toughest obstacles for the pince-nez enthusiast. Many stores will not work on them for reasons previously stated in other posts. The Renaissance will gladly advertise optical stores that are "pince-nez friendly." A few stores have taken advantage of this offer. Conversely, speak up if a store didn't treat you properly. In those cases, you may want to post a review on Yelp or another online review site. You may help others avoid an unworthy business.

Kelley's pince-nez adventure ended well. Or should I say, just started. With Kelley is her beautiful dog Tundra.


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