Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Reviews!

A book review on pince-nez? Yes, LeDandy recently received two wonderful books on pince-nez from his colleague. The first book we will discuss is The Mechanics of Fitting Glasses by Robert Pettet (1913). It is an excellent book for the layman and covers the complete spectrum of topics related to this style of eyewear.

LeDandy will present certain chapters in upcoming posts which he believes will be helpful for the pince-nez enthusiast. Lets be realistic, a book on eyewear is not like reading an exciting novel. The material in this book, and others, will be presented in digestible portions.

Is it necessary to understand these books to wear pince-nez? Apparently not as LeDandy has worn pince-nez for the last two years on a full-time basis. However, these books are important as they are the only sources for knowledge held by experts in this eyewear. The true experts trained in pince-nez are no longer with us as this style faded from mainstream use in the 1940s.

Please keep in mind that a huge evolutionary step happened after this book. Silicone nose pads. With this wonderful accessory, one can wear pince-nez with much greater comfort and security. Also, there is much more allowance for fit with nose pads.

Below are some scans from the book. Future presentations will be in Adobe pdf format.


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