Monday, September 20, 2010

LeDandy Meets Lisa Birnbach

Lisa Birnbach, as in the author of The Official Preppy Handbook and her latest work, True Prep. LeDandy, your obedient servant, met her at a book signing in San Francisco today. We exchanged autographs. She signed a copy of True Prep, and LeDandy signed a charge slip. As you you can see in this photo, LeDandy wore his fingerpiece for the occasion.

What relationship exists between pince-nez and the world of prep? All I can tell you is that Ms. Birnbach was extremely charming and I look forward to reading her book.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Renaissance Welcomes Kelley to Pince-Nez

Kelley from the state of Washington sent the Renaissance an email last week discussing her start with pince-nez. It is a very interesting read. Below is the text of her email:


"I want to thank you for your blog about pince-nez. What a treasure trove of information.

I recently found out that I needed glasses and the choices of eyewear were a bit overwhelming. I went to different eyewear stores and did searches online. I couldn't even begin to choose a frame that suited me. I started thinking maybe antique eyewear would be more suitable. So I started doing internet searches. That is how I found your Pince-Nez Renaissance and knew I had found the type of eyewear I wanted. The information on your blog was very helpful.

My next thought was where on earth am I going to find a pair and would they work for me. I was so fortunate in that. My first stop was an online auction website. I typed in pince-nez and was surprised by all the auctions that popped up. Long story short. I won, with an uncontested bid, a lot of womens pince-nez that consisted of four pair of fingerpiece and one pair of hoop. Two pair of the fingerpiece were even more surprising. They fit my bridge and were my prescription. The pair I am wearing in the attached photo I had checked at my eyeclinic and they verified my belief. I am having one of the other fingerpiece fitted with my prescription but in polycarbonate lenses for more durablility.

I am more than pleased with my pince-nez for their minimal feel and look on my face to their classic uniqueness. I love that they are truly jewelry for my nose and the chained hair pin is so much fun. Your blog is very helpful and is a Godsend."

Kelley is off to a great start. Our thanks to Kelley for sharing her story with us.


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