Saturday, August 21, 2010

Which Type of Pince-Nez is Best for Me?

This is a question sometimes posed by those emailing the Renaissance and it is a valid one.

The authors of this blog full-time, pince-nez wearers and are devoted to the rimless style. While this style suits almost everyone, others may not like the minimalist appearance and may want a mounting which is more conspicuous.

Any pince-nez makes a bold statement showing everyone that your eyeglasses mark you as rugged individualist who follows his/her own path. If you choose to wear a pince-nez, whether it befingerpiece, hoop spring, astig clip, oxford or any other type: rimless or rimmed ---- great! As long as it is comfortable and remains securely attached to the bridge of the nose, you'll be fine.


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