Saturday, July 3, 2010

Increased Interest in Pince-Nez

The Renaissance is very pleased to report a large increase in both the amount of "readers" and emails received in the past several weeks. We were thrilled to receive Karl's great story and striking photos. His classic, rimless fingerpiece pince-nez certainly enhances his looks!

There have been several other emails reporting similar success stories by those who have acquired a pince-nez. They have expressed great enthusiasm regarding comfort and fit. We appreciate their willingness to share their stories and photos, which are often posted on this blog. We urge others to do likewise. The Renaissance exists to help you. We feel that we are doing our job successfully when we receive such glowing praise from readers.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Karl's Pince-Nez Story

The Renaissance recently received a great story and some photos from Karl in New York. He is new to the world of pince-nez and his story is most encouraging. It speaks for itself so I'll give you the pertinent portion of his email:

"I would like to begin by thanking you for your fantastic resource. If it wasn't for Pince-Nez Renaissance, I would never have been able to obtain all the information necessary to have my own pince-nez, a dream based heavily on my two heroes from the past, Teddy Roosevelt and G.K. Chesterton. It certainly was a long journey, but one well worth it.

I know you have often mentioned the problems with purchasing off eBay, but I just couldn't resist bidding on what appeared to be a lot containing two fingerpiece pince-nez in perfect condition (along with 4 other random spectacles in poor condition from the 1940s -50s). At the time the auction was set to end, I was on line for a roller coaster at an amusement park, I borrowed a family member's Blackberry and managed to snipe the auction last minute. I got the whole lot for under $30 with shipping. After receiving the package I immediately tried on one of the pince-nez, they were a perfect fit. I couldn't believe my luck.

Then of course came the tricky part, finding an optician who would make new lenses. At the first place I visited the receptionist looked at me as though I was crazy, and proceeded to call the optician into the room. He looked at the pince-nez and immediately said "No, I won't do that" and walked away without another word. I was discouraged, but kept on trying.

I was given polite turn downs at several other outfits before I was finally greeted with "I collect antique eyeglasses as well, I'll do anything to help." The entire office knew me by name after a week of phone calls about the best way to get the project done (I needed a special index lens, which would have otherwise have been too thick). [Sacco Eye Group] So, after one failed attempt with scratched lens, and about 4 weeks of work, I finally managed to get my pince-nez on my face and out the door."

Karl has been wearing his pince-nez for over eight months. I am very impressed with his determination in finding an optician. Unfortunately, many opticians refuse to work with pince-nez, as Karl found out. Then again, there are the uncommon ones who welcome the challenge of working with this eyewear.

Also, I am intrigued by his motivation for wearing pince-nez. Teddy Roosevelt is one of the best known wearers of the hoop spring style, but G.K. Chesterton made me do a little research. His photo is below. Regardless of your role models, this eyewear flatters most faces and is quite practical.


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