Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Year in Review

2009 was a great year for the Renaissance and pince-nez in general. There haven't been many posts this calendar year as back on the February 25th post LeDandy announced "mission accomplished." Unlike President Bush and the Iraq conflict, LeDandy really did mean the mission was accomplished in terms of the Renaissance's primary objective: assisting those who want to wear pince-nez. I realize the blog format is not best suited for presenting information so there is an annotated table of contents at left to guide the newcomer. Judging by readers' comments, this approach seems to work.

My colleague, Mr. Richard Johnson, was recognized on my other blog (LeDandy of Northern California) as the 2009 Man of the Year. Without him, this blog would not be possible. Furthermore, I would not be wearing pince-nez!

The Renaissance provides the necessary guidance for those wanting to embark on wearing pince-nez. Antique mountings are easily available through eBay at a modest cost and perfectly suited for modern wear. It may take some time to find an optician to make lenses, but one can usually find someone in a relatively short time. It is important to remember some of the tips contained herein as opticians usually have no practical knowledge of pince-nez.

The hard part is one's desire to wear these wonderful eyeglasses. The smorgasbord of pince-nez is waiting for you. All you have to do is step forward and take part in it. One needs to think of pince-nez as modern eyewear and not just an accessory for theater or historical re-enactments. In LeDandy's opinion, the rimless pince-nez is a timeless look and always appropriate. How can it fail as it is a minimalist approach?

If you want to wear pince-nez, give it a try. If this blog has helped you, contribute back to the community by submitting your own story for publication. Happy 2010!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Overlooked Item: The Pince-Nez Case

You have your pince-nez. It was tough to find the right fit with mountings but you finally have the perfect one. Then it took some time to find an optician to make your lenses. At last, a pince-nez that you truly love. Then one day you forgot where you put it down. The next thing you hear is a sickening crunch. So much for your wonderful pince-nez.

The situation described above hasn't happened to me but I'm sure it has happened to others. Protect your investment with a suitable case.

The good news is that pince-nez cases are relatively common and available on eBay and other places. In fact, many pince-nez are sold with a case. The important factor with the case is the size. It is much better to have a snug fit with your eyeglasses so they don't bounce around in it. The case below is perfectly sized for pince-nez.

Of course you can buy a normal sized eyeglass case if you keep your pince-nez in a stationary position. If carrying your case, you can always wrap your glasses in a cleaning cloth to prevent internal movement. Many beautiful eyeglass cases are available on eBay at a great price. The one pictured below has a starting bid of $10.

A brief note on cords, chains and earloops. These accessories must be kept apart from the eyeglasses while in the case. Otherwise, the cords and chains will get entangled with the mounting and knots will develop. A small piece of cardboard separating the chain or cord on the bottom of the case from they eyeglasses should remedy this situation.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Feature: Discussion Threads!

The Renaissance is pleased to announce the start of a new feature on this site: a pince-nez discussion section. Any readers interested in starting a discussion can submit a topic / question to LeDandy. The topics will be posted in new blog entries. Readers and the moderators (Mr. Johnson and I) can post replies in the comment section of the blog post.

Please do not address me as "Mr. LeDandy" in your email. I haven't been blogging on fashion subjects for five years to be called "Mr." It is Dr. LeDandy! :)


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