Saturday, October 10, 2009

Too Young for Pince-Nez?

Perhaps, but it is a nice opportunity to see a photo of reader Nick's growing son. You may recall a June 30th post showing a younger lad. Thanks Nick for the update and beautiful photo.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cases for Pince-Nez

[Nick from the UK has kindly submitted the following article, along with photos. Readers are encouraged to send in articles about pince-nez for publication.]

The best way to carry pince nez is in a purpose made case. Modern cases are far too large, even child size ones which are sometimes even bigger. A case is needed to prevent scratching the lenses or snapping the mounting (that was the sad fate of my first pince nez). Cases can be found in antique stores and luckily fingerpiece and hoopspring cases seem to be fairly common.

I came across a case when I was looking for a new one which also had a pair of pince nez which fit better than the ones I had been using (I had been using an antique case for a child's glasses which was small, but still much bigger than my pince nez). Unfortunately, the spring in the lid was broken. I bought the case anyway and made a quick repair which has worked very well. All that is needed is a bit of super glue, a piece of 1/4" elastic, and a sew-on snap. The elastic must be not quite long enough to completely go around the case. Put a small dot of superglue in the centre of the case bottom and attach the eleastic, then sew on the snap to each end. This keeps the lid closed and is easy to open.


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