Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great Reasons for Wearing Pince-Nez

[Reader article submitted by David in Virginia. Thank you for your wonderful post.]

The express purpose of the Pince-Nez Renaissance is to promote the wearing of pince-nez in today's world as a viable alternative to spectacles. Please keep in mind that there are several objective reasons for someone to wear pince-nez, provided that he/she likes the look of the eyewear.

Appearance: The timeless, minimalistic simplicity of a rimless pince-nez enhances the face rather than hiding it in the manner of most modern eyewear. It is truly jewelry for the nose! A rimmed pince-nez can also offer similar features.

Comfort and Security: While it has often been stated that a proper pince-nez fit can be a period of trial and error which can lead to frustration, a successful fit results in a pince-nez which is extremely comfortable and amazingly secure at all times. Unlike most modern spectacles, there is no annoying problem with slipping, tilting or sliding down the nose etc. One is unaware that there's anything attached to the face if a pince-nez is a perfect fit.

Also added to the comfort feature of a rimless pince-nez is the fact there is no frame to obstruct one's vision even to the slightest degree, and with modern lenses the pince-nez is weightless!

Individualism: To wear a pince-nez one has to have an inborn desire to be a distinct individual rather than one who follows the dictates of the masses or mass media hype. If you are bold enough to stand out in your own unique way, a pince-nez is the perfect eyewear for you and your beautiful, perfect pince-nez may make you a trend setter in your own small way.


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