Sunday, July 12, 2009

The New Debby Burk Pince-Nez Readers

I received the new hoop spring pince-nez reader from Debby Burk Optical last week. The price has gone up to $30 but I believe this price is a bargain for a now faithful reproduction of the classic hoop spring. Burk took our advice and made the new lenses smaller and they are now in more of an oval shape. Also, the mounting is constructed in an identical manner to the antique hoop springs in that the nose guard is detachable and secured by a screw to the main spring.

Burk also includes a pair of silicone nose pads. I find the pads greatly improve one's comfort and security while wearing pince-nez. You will probably want to use them but they are not required for short term wear.

This is the instruction sheet included with the set. I'm glad that they advise wearing the glasses on the upper part of the nose.

I tried to disassemble the nose guard. Unfortunately I have a cheap set of small screwdrivers so I gave up. I'm sure that one would be able to take it apart with a good set. Personally, I would not swap prescription lenses with this mounting. The material is nowhere near the quality of antique mountings. It is possible to swap lenses if one so desires. This is a personal choice.

Burk is to be applauded for the great improvements to these inexpensive readers. If you are considering pince-nez and have not previously worn this style, I strongly encourage you to get these readers. Also, these glasses do make an excellent reader and are quite attractive.


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