Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Review of Debby Burk's New Pince-Nez Readers

[My learned colleague wrote his own review of Burk's new readers which was discussed on our last post.]

The new rimless hoopspring pince-nez readers are, like the earlier version, an excellent inexpensive "modern" pince-nez.

There are several design improvements: small, oval lenses sitting lower in the "straps" and a bridge spring which attaches via screws to the mounting along with the nose guards. This pince-nez is basically an exact copy of the classic antique rimless hoop spring circa 1900 version.

The simple yet elegant minimalistic look enhances the face rather than detracting from it the way most modern eye-wear does.

The mounting is constructed of inexpensive gold colored metal.This negative aspect has a positive side effect. Like Burk's earlier version, this pince-nez has absolutely amazing flexibility which results in an ease of adjustment to fit the individuals nose bridge with total comfort and security. The silicone nose pads which are provided should be applied to the nose guards for added comfort and they give a very secure attachment of the pince-nez to nose bridge. Properly fit and adjusted this pince-nez will not pose and stability problems even during extreme physical activity.

Another wonderful feature is that this pince-nez could be re-lensed should the buyer wish to wear it full time.

Since there is no other modern pince-nez which "works," this is the only choice for those who don't wish to purchase an antique version.

The $30.00 price tag is an amazing bargain.


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