Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Optician in Chicago for Pince-Nez

The other day the Renaissance received an email from an optician in Chicago who enjoys working with pince-nez and other vintage frames. If you are in the Chicago area, you will definitely want to check out Labrabbit Optics for relensing your pince-nez. On his blog's webpage, he has a photo of a rimmed hoop spring which he recently completed.

If you have searched for an optical shop to make lenses for pince-nez, you understand that many are reluctant or downright refuse to work with this style. Others seem to do it grudgingly and provide little in the way of customer service. It takes a true craftsman (or is it craftsperson) with a love for the trade to properly fit a customer with pince-nez.

I haven't used Labrabbit Optics so I can't speak from personal experience. If you do use their services, please leave a comment here so others may benefit.


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