Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tadd's Story

The Renaissance's call for participation was answered by two brave souls. Presented below is the first entry. Tadd presented his story and he was kind enough to send a photo. He writes as follows:

I recently turned thirty-two years old and I've been wearing a 14K gold hoopspring pince-nez for ten years. I've had the lenses changed once so far. I plan on wearing a pince-nez for the remainder of my day and I'll never go back to regular spectacles again!

I suppose I was drawn to pince-nez because of my love of history. I used to see old photos in books and I loved the look of pince-nez. After high school I started scouting antique stores for pince-nez and began collecting them as a small hobby. I prefer to buy antique pince-nez in person so you can try them on and make sure they fit before you buy. It wasn't until 1999 that I finally took a gold hoopspring and had the lenses changed out with new ones for my prescription.

I've always received positive compliments on my pince-nez, some people don't even notice them - most do though! I find pince-nez to be very comfortable. I use no additional padding and I can't even feel them on my nose when I wear them. I can do most anything while I'm wearing them and I do wear them all the time. I'm terribly glad I made the decision to start wearing a pince-nez and I've never looked back.

Thanks Tadd for your wonderful story and photo.


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