Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Review of Debby Burk's Pince-Nez Readers

[My learned colleague drafted his own review of Burk's readers as shown on our last post. While my colleague and I agree on most key points, there are some differences in our opinions. We disagree on the issue of re-lensing the mounting. Below is his review.]

Copied from the classic design of the 1890-1920 era, this new, very attractive and extremely well designed rimless hoop spring pince-nez is to be praised because of its great flexibility and the truly amazing ease in adjusting it to fit almost any width nose bridge as long as it has some prominence. This is a quality that the antique hoop spring pince-nez did not possess. I do feel that the silicone nose pads should be used with this pince-nez and applied with the wider end on the top of the nose guard.

While the overall quality of this mounting doesn't come close to that of the antique gold, gold-filled or silver mountings, it certainly matches or exceeds the workmanship of the bulk of modern eye wear at a fraction of the price.

I would suggest that purchasing this pince-nez is a great idea for those who just need "readers". Perfect too for those who want a spare or those who successfully wear a fingerpiece but are curious about wearing a hoop spring. It is the ideal solution for people who wish to try wearing a pince-nez for the first time, to have the experience of its great comfort and security of it on the bridge of the nose. For those who are averse to wear a used pince-nez available on eBAY or from antique shops, this new item is just the thing. The bargain price makes it irresistible!

It should not be a problem to re-lens this new pince-nez if you have a minus or astigmatism Rx. The problem lies in finding an optician who will deal with a product they don't sell.

In short, this is THE ONLY pince-nez being manufactured today which is well designed. All others appear to have major flaws and are extremely expensive and just plain don't work.


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