Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buying Tips Revisited

This blog gets many questions from readers regarding leads on buying pince-nez. Thank you for your questions! I only wish that is was easier to buy pince-nez for the determined wearer. As always, if you happen to discover a good source for this eyewear, whether it be an online seller or brick & mortar vintage eyeglass store, please leave a comment or write to us so we may share this info with other readers. It also helps a good business stay in business.

One question which comes up frequently is a request for a current manufacturer of pince-nez mountings. To our knowledge, we do not know of a current maker of quality pince-nez mountings. The good news is that the antique mountings are probably better than anything which could be made today.

What about sellers? Is it really necessary to have an unconditional return policy of at least seven days as advocated in prior posts? It depends. If the purchase price is very low (i.e., under $20 or so) you may want to take a chance on fit. If it doesn't fit, you can always resell it if the item is in good condition. However, if you are spending more and want to ensure a good fit and quality item, it is recommended that you have at least seven days to determine if the mounting is right for you. Pince-nez fit much differently than conventional eyewear with temples.

LeDandy purchased the hoop spring pictured above as part of a fitting set late last year on eBay. As you can see from my photo, it is garbage. However, the seller's photo of the entire set was far more flattering. I'm glad that I ensured there was an unconditional return policy before purchasing the set.

The other point about sellers worth mentioning is seller communication. It is critical that the seller respond to your inquiries. Remember, you are the customer. You deserve to be treated in a polite and professional manner. If communication is lacking from the seller, this is a warning signal. If you have any questions at all regarding an item, ask them. You have the right to ask questions and receive a polite, prompt and accurate answer.


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