Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pince-Nez Potpourri

A nice sounding phrase? Well, this is one of those weekends where I have a few important yet unrelated posts.

  • - This is the finest source on the internet for the history of eyewear. They have a pince-nez page and recently added the Renaissance as a link. Many thanks to Dr. Fleishman at AntiqueSpectacles.
  • Hybrid Pince-Nez - This particular mounting sold recently on eBay for $11. It is a hybrid hoop spring / fingerpiece! It was popular from about 1902 - 1912. The tension is the bridge, even though it looks like a fingerpiece. If anyone has more information on this style, please comment.
  • Mounting or Frame? - A learned reader raised a good point concerning pince-nez terminology. He said that a rimless pince-nez should be called a mounting whereas eyeglasses with rims should be called a frame. It makes sense!


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