Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pince-Nez in the Movies

Last year I wrote a post about a pince-nez sighting on a (relatively) old episode of Mission Impossible from 1968. In that episode, an Eastern bloc head of state wore a fingerpiece. Since that time, I've been paying attention to pince-nez appearances on tv and in the movies.

Nick, a loyal reader of the Renaissance, sent in some information on this topic:

"Some movies I've recently noted, are "Meet John Doe," the classic Capra movie, in which the character of D.B. Norton wears an interesting pince nez, and throughout the movie continuously sticks the lenses in is mouth to fog them before cleaning them. In the 1918 Tarzan, the first Tarzan movie, the captain wears pince nez with the ribbon hung over his ear, something seen in photos occasionally, but even takes them off and lets them hang from the ear at one point. And in the 1953 compilation of the '30s Buck Rodgers serial, we see that pince nez will still be worn in the 26th century! These are only a few, of course."

The photo above is taken from "Meet John Doe," which can be found at along with the other movies mentioned by Nick. The Renaissance thanks Nick for his interesting input.


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