Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mission Accomplished (but still more to do)

Yes, I think of this day as graduation day for the Renaissance. I've been reviewing the content of this site and came to the realization that the basics concerning pince-nez have been satisfactorily covered.

What do I mean by "basics?" For all of my adult life I have wanted to wear pince-nez. No one ever took me seriously. I'd get a chuckle perhaps at an optical store, but no one ever cared. Then along came the internet and all of a sudden I met several like-minded individuals. I received an email one day from a gentleman who has been wearing pince-nez for most of his life. Not only did he inspire me, but he gave me the essential information which enabled me to wear this eyewear. This vital information is what I refer to as the basics.

My learned friend modestly claims that he is no expert. I disagree. His knowledge has been so critical that I am certain I would not be wearing pince-nez if it were not for him. The deceptively simple piece of eyewear is much more complicated than ordinary spectacles. I now believe that this blog has touched on the major issues and concerns which will confront a prospective wearer.

So where will the Renaissance go now? There is only one place to go after graduation: advanced studies! Look for articles addressing pince-nez history in more depth, among other topics.

We are looking for pince-nez enthusiasts to write articles and contribute their stories. Please email LeDandy if you'd like to help our community. Of course we can always touch on the basic issues (e.g., fit, places to buy pince-nez) as needed. Questions are always welcome.

It is likely that the frequency of posts will be less than in the past. Advanced studies involve more time. I highly recommend using Google Reader or similar application so you will be advised of updates. It is a great way to keep track of blogs at one time so you don't have to manually check for updates. Of course you'll also want to keep abreast of LeDandy (of Northern California).


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