Saturday, February 7, 2009

Any Reactions to Your Pince-Nez?

I've written quite a bit on this site about my own experiences. I've received a number of compliments on both styles of pince-nez but for the most part people do not comment on my choice of eyewear. I'm sure this is partly due to a sense of politeness. However I really do believe that most people simply don't notice them. I work in San Francisco and I'm sure it is probably the most liberal city in the country. Liberal not just in politics but also culture. It is typical to see nose rings, piercings and purple hair on the street. Do you think anyone will care about pince-nez in SF?

So I ask you pince-nez enthusiasts, what reactions have you encountered in public while wearing your pince-nez? This is an important subject as I'm sure many readers are a tad reluctant to wear pince-nez on a full time basis. I can tell you that if you live in the SF Bay Area, it won't be a problem! Please remember to specify your location.

I look forward to reading your responses.


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