Sunday, January 25, 2009

Understanding Our Heritage

The primary purpose of this website is to promote the modern day wear of pince-nez. Unlike other websites which focus on pince-nez as a collectible, we show you how it is practical and desirable to wear them. Recently I've received questions from readers asking historical questions. We do have a basic history presented in many of the posts, courtesy of my friend who is well-versed in pince-nez. This information provides a solid overview and we also have many interesting pieces of trivia. Nevertheless, I intend on pursuing more knowledge for my own sake as well as the benefit of this column.

The internet is a wonderful way to gain knowledge on virtually all topics. The key word here is "virtually." Pince-nez, of course, is an exception to this rule. I'm sure you have googled this subject and have not found much in the way of practical information.

I found a good bibliography on which provides a good starting point for eyewear research. I expect many of the books listed on their site have a section for pince-nez as well as spectacles. I have not found a book devoted entirely to pince-nez. Yesterday I checked the availability of some of these books on Amazon. I found Eyewear: Gli Occhiali by Franca Acerenza, pictured, at left on Amazon for $2 (plus $4 shipping) and ordered it. The nice thing about Amazon is that they have reader reviews which can be quite helpful.

If you have you have read or have knowledge of any books or any sources of information on pince-nez, please post a comment. After all, we are here to help each other.


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