Thursday, January 29, 2009

More On Pince-Nez Fit and Measurement

On my January 17, 2009 post I wrote about a fitting set which I bought on eBay. Fitting sets were used to determine the proper size of a particular style on a customer. The sets usually contained a dozen pince-nez and there was an accompanying chart describing the various measurements of each mounting using three different positions. [click on it for close-up]

pince nez fitting setHere is a close-up discussing the different kinds of measurements. It is very interesting.

pince nez fitting set
I wrote in previous posts that there is no method for properly measuring a pince-nez for fit. You must try on a pince-nez to determine a proper fit.

So you may be saying "LeDandy, you schmuck, a fitting set contains measurements so there is a way to measure pince-nez." The proof, obviously, is in the cardboard insert.

I still believe in my prior statement. There is no way to properly measure a pince-nez for fit. The key phrase is "for fit." Two major points stand out to me in regard to the cardboard insert for fitting sets.

First, the measurements on the insert apply to the one particular style of mounting in the set. Two fingerpieces, each with the same measurements from two different styles, will probably not fit in the same manner. It is roughly analogous to a pair of shoes. Shoes with the same measurements in length and width may not fit in the same way, or at all, if the styles are different. The same principle applies to pince-nez. In fact, pince-nez requires greater precision as there is less tolerance for an imperfect fit.

Secondly, the measurements taken for the fitting set do not include any listing of nose guard distances. The nose guards must be comfortable for a good fit. Otherwise, as I know from personal experience, you cannot wear them. It can even be painful.

You can measure distances at different positions between nose guards. Even if you go this route, you can still not be assured of a proper fit. There is not one predominant style of nose guard. Nose guards of different styles with the same measurements will probably feel different on your nose bridge. Also, you need to consider the spring tension as for fit.

There is only one known way to determine a proper fit. You must try them on. Fitting sets worked because all of the pince-nez were the same bridge style with the same type of nose guard and springs.


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