Saturday, January 3, 2009

Judgment from Nuremburg

The Renaissance has some very informed readers and we are grateful for their input. Reader Nick commented on our last post regarding a seemingly absurd amount that someone paid for a very crude pince-nez.

Nick said that this style of eyewear is called "Nuremburg spectacles" and can be centuries old. LeDandy did a quick internet search and Nick is right on point with this call. I went to and a similar example is in their glossary.

As for value, LeDandy did another online search and found a wide range of realized auction prices for Nuremburg spectacles. They are quite valuable. The lowest price was $170 and the highest realized price that I found was $1,660 at a Christie's auction. The high end price was for a rather shoddy looking item pictured below.

If the glasses on the eBay auction are genuine Nuremburg spectacles, then someone probably made a great investment.

Are the glasses on the eBay auction authentic? I don't know. It is one thing to buy from Christie's and another from an eBay seller who provided an inaccurate three line description of the glasses. The eBay seller did not represent these glasses as genuine Nuremburg spectacles.

Many thanks to Nick for providing such valuable input!


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