Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Best and Worst of eBay Deals

2009 is off to a great start for LeDandy. My good friend tipped me off to a wonderful pince-nez fitting set on eBay which ended today. Yours truly acquired it for $88. The set is shown in great condition and there are ten of the original twelve fingerpieces in the set. Most sets usually have fewer pieces. The photos shown are taken from the eBay listing. When the set arrives, I'll take plenty of my own photos.

pince nez fitting set salesman case
pince nez fitting set salesman case
pince nez fitting set salesman case
At the other end of the spectrum, some individuals bid an absurd amount on a very crude pince-nez. The "winning" bid was $565! The seller in Bulgaria described the pince-nez as worn by an unnamed official in Royal Bulgaria during the 1920's. LeDandy and his friend see nothing special about the piece. In fact, I wouldn't pay $1 for it. What possessed several people to bid such an absurd amount?


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