Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why Does One Wear Pince-Nez?

I always thought it was for style, as that is my sole reason for wearing them. The Renaissance welcomes Charles from Massachusetts into the world of pince-nez. He wrote to me a few months ago and expressed a desire to wear this eyewear. Since that time, he has acquired a few antique mountings and will be wearing pince-nez on a regular basis. His reasons for wearing them are totally different from my perspective.

The following is from Charles' email:

"The moment I first tried one on [pince-nez] I became sold on the entire concept. I have avoided getting reading glasses for several years because I find them so uncomfortable. Not only that, but most of them have a certain design flaw. This is the way glasses tend to ride down your nose and need to be constantly pushed back to their proper location. The only real cure is to get the bent wire frames which "lock" them behind your ears--and there's simply no way I'm wearing something like that. It's like the glasses are strapped onto your face. It's the difference between wearing suspenders or a belt, actually. The pince-nez clip on and that's where they stay. There's no fidgeting around with them. And they're great to clean! That's a real bonus. Pop them off, rub-rub, and they're back on your face in seconds. And, they look awesome. I haven't had too many comments on them yet, but everyone I have shown them to gave very positive opinions."

Thanks for writing Charles and keep in touch.


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