Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Renaissance Needs Your Help

And I'm not talking money. We would never ask you for a donation. But what we do need is a little publicity. The purpose of this blog is to assist those who want to wear pince-nez glasses. In order to help people, they first need to be able to find us in a reasonable manner. Unfortunately our Google ranking is very low for the simple search term "pince nez" by itself (#70 at the time of this writing). Most people use the Google search engine and generally will not scan results past the first thirty listings.

So how can you help? It doesn't take much and the Renaissance will be very grateful. Here are some suggestions:

  • Publish a link - if you have a website, you can post a link to the Renaissance. I've heard this is the most powerful way to boost a Google ranking;
  • Become a Pince-Nez Enthusiast - Let the world know you follow this blog. Please see the appropriate section at the bottom of the left hand column. You can even follow this blog anonymously if you desire.

If I didn't get the valuable advice from my good friend with many years of pince-nez experience, I would never be able to wear these glasses. I'd like others to benefit from the knowledge which is included on this site.

If you have any other suggestions for boosting our Google ranking, please email me. Thanks!


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