Sunday, November 2, 2008

LeDandy Gets Married and Pince-Nez Gets Top Billing

... along with the grooms of course! A good friend of mine took this photo yesterday at my wedding to Jon Dean. My in-laws are in the foreground. Don't worry, we had a pro photographer there and there will be loads of pics in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have an immediate image from our big day. My beloved hoop springs are seen in this shot.

The wedding was a huge success as everything went according to plan. The service was held at a small church in Sunol and the reception followed at a historical house in Fremont. In all, we had about seventy relatives and friends there. It did rain yesterday but luckily it wasn't the huge downpour which occurred later that night.

My pince-nez made a huge hit with Jon Dean's friends and co-workers. I wasn't sure which style I would wear at the wedding, so I brought both my fingerpiece and hoop springs with me. I wore the fingerpiece during the service, then switched to hoop springs. Many conversations revolved around my eyewear and I believe there may even be a convert or two from the event! I am very grateful to my good friend who gave me the pince-nez and provided even more valuable guidance for wearing them. Unfortunately he couldn't make it but his presence was felt.

My friends are no strangers to pince-nez so they focused on my highly touted footwear for the evening: my embroidered bee slippers. My co-workers even pasted little bee emblems onto their own shoes! I was really touched.

Today it is time to relax and enjoy my first day of married life.


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