Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Glass Lenses: A Bad Idea

I've been meaning to address this subject as it is quite important when having lenses made for your pince-nez. Some people want to be historically accurate when wearing pince-nez. And then there are the purists who insist on wearing glass. This is not a brilliant conclusion on my part as I urge you to stay with plastic (or polycarbonate) lenses. Safety is the highest concern with this issue. Even if you work at a desk job, you can trip on the way to the office cooler (e.g., Gerald Ford). Don't laugh, glass lenses present a real danger.

Rimless pince-nez require a hole drilled in the lens for mounting. A federal law went into effect in 1974 which requires safety glass for eyewear. Safety glass cannot be drilled. Thus, glass lenses cannot be fitted to a rimless mounting.

I read a very interesting thread on OptiBoard addressing the glass lens issue. Check it out. Very entertaining and informative.


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