Saturday, October 11, 2008

LeDandy's Progress Report

I have been wearing pince-nez on a full-time basis for the past three months. It is time to give a progress report on what it is like wearing them. Did they fall off? Does anyone notice them? Are they comfortable?

I'm thrilled to give great answers to these questions.

First of all, I alternate between a fingerpiece and hoop spring with daily wear. They are both equally comfortable and I often forget that I have them on. This is in stark contrast to my first fingerpiece which was too tight and caused discomfort after two hours of wear. Both of my current pince-nez leave no redness after wear and cause no irritation. I do wear silicone nose pads on both pair.

Furthermore, neither pair has fallen off. There were not even any "close calls" where they were in danger of falling off my nose. A touch of super glue applied to the nose guarantees security. Just kidding! The nose pads really do help with a secure fit on the nose.

A few times each week I receive comments in public. All positive of course. Last week I was in a Toys R Us buying a gift for my nephew. A woman behind me in line asked how the glasses stayed on my face. I had my hoop springs on at the time and showed her how they work. She was delighted. Interestingly, most of those who talk with me about pince-nez are Asian women. Several people at work notice them as well and inquire as to how they work without bows. Then of course there are many others who do not say anything due to shyness.

Yes, it has been a good three months wearing pince-nez and I look forward to a lifetime of wearing these wonderful glasses.


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