Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Ear Loop

pince nez ear loop earloop security
I've been writing this blog for almost a year and this is my first post on the ear loop. Usually the ear loop makes a strong impression on someone when encountering pince-nez for the first time. During the pince-nez heyday in the period 1885-1919, ear loops and other security devices such as the ribbon or chain were used by some wearers. The glass lenses of this period were extremely fragile, unlike the polycarbonate lenses of today. One fall and they were certainly guaranteed to shatter.

For contemporary wear, I am not a fan of the ear loop or any other security device. The beauty of the pince-nez is in its simplicity. Aesthetically, the ear loop severely impairs the look. It ruins the lines and creates the presumption that the eyewear is not stable. I wouldn't even consider wearing an ear loop.

Of course this is the author's opinion. These days one has the benefit of silicone nose pads which ensure a secure fit on the nose. Apart from historical reenactment, there is no need to wear such devices.

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