Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Myth: Asians Cannot Wear Pince-Nez

fingerpiece pince-nez Asian
Edward from Singapore dispels this myth in stunning fashion. Here he is at a wedding wearing a fingerpiece pince-nez and bow tie. A classic look which will never go out of style. You'll notice that Edward is wearing nose pads which he received through the Renaissance's Outreach Program.

One must have some prominence of the nose bridge in order to wear pince-nez. Unfortunately many Asians, as well as people of other races, are unable to wear this unique style of eyewear due to this physical requirement. I'm glad that Edward wasn't discouraged as his fingerpiece looks great on him and definitely sets him apart in terms of style. One's suitability for pince-nez wear must be judged on an individual basis.

fingerpiece pince-nez Asian


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