Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Beloved Fingerpiece

pince nez fingerpiece LeDandy
As promised, here are pics of my new fingerpiece mounting. Originally, these lenses were made for a different mounting back in March, 2008. The optical store I used in the Castro (EyeGotcha) did a nice job with the lenses but did not provide proper follow-up service after the sale. My disappointment with the store is well documented in this blog.

All was not lost as I decided to mount the lenses in a different fingerpiece. Much to my delight, I found out the pince-nez lenses almost always have the same offset distance for the hole mount. I wrote about this lens swap in a July post.

This fingerpiece is very comfortable and a pleasure to wear. It has a pivot nose guard which allows for a precise fit without complicated adjustment.

It is a great pleasure to have two styles of pince-nez that I can wear all day. Yes, it did take some time to get them right but it was well worth the effort.

pince nez fingerpiece LeDandy


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