Monday, September 1, 2008

A Lot of (Good) News

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It is great to be back. Lots of good news to share. As you can see, I have fulfilled my dream of wearing hoop springs. They make a wonderful fit for me. In fact, I now have two pince-nez that I wear. Not at the same time though. I also received my fingerpiece back from VintageIwear in Kentucky. They swapped lenses from my old fingerpiece to a different mounting. They did a good job at a very reasonable price of $20.

I am pleased to announce that I wearing pince-nez on a full-time basis these days.

Let me talk about the hoop springs today. I'll cover the fingerpiece in another post. It was quite a difficult search to find a decent optician to make lenses for a pince-nez. Actually, having someone make the lenses was no problem. Finding an optician who would also work with me after the sale was an entirely different matter. So I went about calling different stores and settled on Shop Frames Optical, an independent store here in Fremont. I spoke with Ray, the owner, over the phone and he was the only one who seemed interested in a special order such as pince-nez. [update: unfortunately I believe they are closed now]

A week after my order, my hoop springs were ready for pick up. I was excited about picking them up. Bad news. One lens tilted in an awkward direction. Back to the lab for a correction. My worries were misplaced as a few days later they came back in fine shape. I can virtually guarantee you that any pince-nez will not be right the first time. Expect an adjustment or two at least with any order. Like I said, it is important to find an optician who will work with you after the sale. Unless you are in the optical trade yourself, you need someone who is skilled with adjustments for eyewear.

The comfort is great. I wear them all day without any discomfort and they stay in place just fine. It is as secure as a fingerpiece.

So do I have a preference for hoop spring or fingerpiece? I do have a slight preference for hoop spring based purely on aesthetics. The hoop spring is "old school." However, the fingerpiece is a modern look and timeless in terms of its beauty. As my friend from the East Coast told me, a true pince-nez enthusiast should have both styles.

hoop spring hoopspring pince nez


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